ComCare Providers is pleased to offer a healthcare discount program to uninsured individuals.  The purpose of this program is to offer primary health care at a discounted fee.  This is not an insurance plan; it is a discount program.  The program works this way:

o Initial enrollment fee for your participation.
o $5.00 for single coverage and $20.00 for family coverage.
o You will receive a membership card to be presented to the doctors that are listed in the physician's directory.
o When you go to the selected doctor, hospital or pharmacy present your membership card and you will receive a discount for the services rendered.
o You and family members will be required to a $25.00 payment when visiting the doctors.
o When receiving services at a hospital, you will receive a percent discount off the total hospital bill.  You must go to the hospital that has been identified as a participating hospital in the discounted program.



1. Benefits terminate on the membership expiration date.
2. Upon the date of entry into full-time military service.
3. Upon dependent attaining age of 18 or prior marriage.
a. Unmarried dependents, ages 18 to 25, which are full time students and are dependent upon parents for primary support, are eligible for coverage.
b. Coverage may be extended to dependants over the age limitations if the dependent is (1) incapable of self-sustaining employment by reasons of mental or physical handicap and (2) chiefly dependent upon the member for support and maintenance.  Member must furnish proof of such incapacity and dependency to the plan within 31 days of the child's limiting age, and subsequently as may be required by the plan.
4. In the event that fees or premiums are delinquent, services and benefits under the plan shall be terminated effective on the last day of the month during which the delinquency occurred.
5. Permitting and committing fraud.  In the event of termination the Plan shall complete and contracted procedures listed under schedule of benefits.  The member is required to pay all fees and premiums.

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