ComCare Providers is pleased to offer your company a healthcare discount program.  The purpose of this program is to offer primary health care at a discounted fee to your employees.  This is not an insurance plan; it is a discount program.  

> Gain maximum employee efficiency and moral by rewarding them with a company health plan, which provides employee satisfaction and ultimate cost savings.
> A healthy employee is a valued employee.  An effective and preventative plan saves companies thousands of dollars a year.
> ComCare Providers is a health care service Provider dedicated to providing quality healthcare to employees that work for small to medium size companies, which offer no health care insurance.




The responsibility of the employer is fairly simple with the discount program.  The primary duties of the employer will be to complete the following tasks:

o Pay the initial enrollment fee for each member participating.
o Provide the employees with an enrollment through a payroll stuffer and have onsite meetings to introduce the discount program.
o Deduct the monthly enrollment fee on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis according to the normal payroll date.
o Send membership fees to ComCare Providers when deducted through payroll deductions.  This should be done by the 15th of each month.
o Notify ComCare Providers of any employee terminating coverage or employee no longer interested in the discount program.
o Request all enrollment information forms and materials from ComCare Providers.
o Refer any questions related to ComCare Providers to its administrative office.
o Inform ComCare Providers of the person responsible for enrollment applications and payroll deductions and collections.

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